EEC Inc.

Electromechanical Design Engineering Product Development • System Integration • SolidWorks • Additive Manufacturing

11 Whalen Drive

North Attleboro, MA 02760

phone: 508-944-2839




     Retaining EEC Inc. is a proven

     path to realizing success with

     your development projects.

     We are experienced and

     productive on day one. We bring

     an objective outsider's

     perspective to your project,

     possessing market knowledge

     and skills that can be leveraged

     to achieve your project goals.

Relevant Design, On-Time, On-Budget......

At EEC Inc. we believe these attributes are essential to a project's success. For more than 22 years they have been 

our primary focus and objective.


EEC Inc. is a sharply focused, client-centric, electromechanical design engineering and product development consulting firm serving the electronics, consumer products, medical, and industrial markets from our offices in Plainville, MA.


We run the gamut from concept development and industrial design to the engineering and design of discrete parts,  mechanisms,  subassemblies, and enclosures, to automated system design and development. We are SolidWorks power users and highly skilled at  3D solid modeling for plastic injection molding, formed sheet metal,  machining, casting, extrusion, and additive manufacturing.